hold on tight

welcome to my safe place.
when i am here it feels like home.
i don't know where home is.
but this feels right.
sorry for the smell of plastic.
i am trying my best.
thank you for staying with me.
i don't feel so lonely.
i'm not bad don't leave
protective of what i have left

you are given a crystal when you are born
maybe it was stolen from you and returned broken
maybe you don't remember getting a crystal
but it's there, and you're looking at it in your hands
when you think of this crystal it makes you mad
how could anyone break something worth so much?
it's priceless. as is the pain on your face when you have the realization that your crystal is broken.
they don't care about the value of your crystal
if your crystal is broken, you may try on new crystals until you find one that fits
i found it! i found a crystal that i love! now what?
i'm holding onto it, i don't want to drop it
the face i'm making is ugly, the way i'm speaking.. absurd!
"you would feel the same!" but they wouldn't
people do so much with their crystals.. their non-broken beautiful crystals
oh the things they create. all your crystal does is hold an identity
crystals do not feel
you say your crystal was broken before? where do you buy a magic glue like that?
i don't want to believe it.
you stare at your crystal, you know one day it will shatter and that will be it
your crystal will go back into the soil, feeding earth for decades
but what if you did it yourself?